We had our first full rehearsal for QuestFest today, got a chance to hear the whole band together. What a great bunch of musicians, great players, great attitude and energy which really makes the music come alive. We rehearsed in a small studio off South St which was pretty rough around the edges but sounded pretty good anyway. It kind of reminded me of my early high school days when you would play in people’s basements or wherever. Kinda cool. There’s something about being in a close, dead room for rehearsing. You hear all kinds of detail that would get lost in a larger more ambient space. We focused on the same 3 songs as our mini rehearsal a couple weeks ago: Don’t Despair, I Feel Very Different and Goodbye My Love. Don’t Despair sounds really good with a great 6/8 marching feel and lots of Celtic flavor. I Feel Very Different has more of a rock ballad vibe and definitely is very open and moody. Goodbye My Love is the most challenging of the 3 songs as it has many sections of loose time and ‘felt’ passages that must be rehearsed until they feel right. By the end of rehearsal the arrangement really took shape and I think it will be a memorable moment in the show. As a song it’s one of my favorites.  Padraig Keane joined us on fiddle today along with Chico Huff on bass. Along with Frank on keys, KJ on drums, Colin on percussion and me on guitar. The band really took shape today which was great to witness. You never really know how a group will gel until you begin playing and I must say after today I’m really looking forward to the show.

It was freezing cold today and I’m hoping the weather breaks a bit before March rolls around as it would be nice to have a little spring in the air for Quest Fest.  Next week we’ll review these arrangements and move on to the other 4 songs in the set. It will good to listen back to the band playing the set so I can begin sequencing the songs into the final show order.  There are so many little details to consider that each time you can cross something off the list it’s a good thing.  Onwards and upwards we go! Cheers..

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