InnerQuest Bios


CEO of DreamQuest Sound, LLC in Japan. She is a Professional Corporate Trainer having instructed a wide variety of Corporate and Civic Entities, from junior employees to top level executives. Her client list includes many large corporations, including Toshiba, Goldman Sachs, Sony, JP Morgan, Chase, Hitachi and Komatsu.. Most recently Kumiko facilitated a workshop for the members of the Japanese Women’s Olympic Team. Her training includes a wide variety of instructional and inspirational techniques.

She specializes in training Human Development, Mission/Vision Development, Intercultural Communication, Leadership and Team Building, Mentoring and EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Coaching. Kumiko has successfully completed the following advanced development training as part of her ongoing education to further her expertise: Tomatis Method Voice Training, Voice Spectrum Technician Training, Voice Analysis Training and the Alexander Technique Voice Training. She holds a BA in Intercultural Relations from Yokohama University and an MA from Antioch University in Intercultural Communications. In addition to her private counseling work with the Vero Vox Program, she is also a lecturer at J.F. Oberlin University in Tokyo.

Kumiko has enjoyed singing her entire life and is accomplished in a variety of singing styles. She recently realized one of her lifelong dreams to write and record her own songs and then perform them for live audiences in both Japan and the United States. She brings a great deal of passion and sensitivity to her work and she is very pleased to join the InnerQuest Workshop in Philadelphia as the Lead Facilitator.

Master of Arts (Intercultural Communication) – Antioch University McGregor, USA
Bachelor of Arts (Intercultural Relations) – Yokohama City University, Japan
EQ(Emotional Intelligence Quotient) Trainer and Profiling Specialist – EQGA(Emotional Intelligence Quotient Global Alliance)
Chief Executive Mentor – International Mentorship Association
Tomatis Auditory Counseling Specialist – Tomatis International
Other Training
Professional Sound/Voice Healing Trainer – Tom Kenyon, M.A.USA
Quantum-Touch Practitioner – Quantum-Touch, Inc. USA
Diploma/Completion of Training
Tomatis Method Voice Training (Tokyo, Japan)
Alexander Voice Training (London, UK)
Edwin Coppard Songwriting Workshops (Tofino/Victoria, Canada and Tokyo/Osaka, Japan)
Voice Spectrum Reading Training (Yokohama, Japan)
Voice Analysis Training (Yokohama/Osaka, Japan and Sedona, USA by Skype)

CEO and Cofounder, DreamQuest Sound, LLC

Clay Sears

Guitarist and songwriter Clay Sears has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry from Joan Osborne to Jay-Z, Britney Spears to Janet Jackson. He brings unique insights from his 25 years in the music industry to the process of tapping the power of your creativity, allowing your inner voice to be heard and realizing your dreams.

James MacFarlane

Founder of DreamQuest Arts, is a successful entrepreneur, who at the age of 50 decided to pursue his lifelong dream of recording an album of his songs. Through this endeavor DreamQuest Records was born. He is the living embodiment of the power one can tap into by putting the concepts and techniques of this workshop into practice.